Health crisis in Guanajuato: they look for vaccines abroad


For 10 months, measles and triple viral vaccines have not arrived in the state, said the Secretary of Health

Guanajuato is still looking for vaccine providers and the United States, France, and even India are some of the countries where biologicals are being sought so that Guanajuato people are not unprotected and exposed to diseases.

Daniel Díaz Martínez, Secretary of Health of Guanajuato, said that the Federation maintains December as a tentative date to refill vaccines to the state, although they were told that it could even be delayed another month and the biological ones would arrive until January.

“If vaccines do not arrive in December, we would be one year old without receiving vaccines and that is very complicated, Guanajuato is a national leader in the application of vaccination schemes and although we had to use our reserves we already exhausted them and now we are at the expense of the Federation, but the vaccines do not arrive ”.

We are looking for suppliers, it is very complicated because if we found it would take up to six months to get the vaccines, we are looking to see who could have and we are looking in France, the United States and even India to see if someone has vaccines, pro has been very complicated, ”said the Secretary of Health of Guanajuato.

Daniel Díaz Martínez said that the problem of vaccines is getting worse, because diseases that had been eradicated, such as measles, have reappeared when they are preventable precisely through vaccination.

“There are already 17 cases in the country of measles, in Guanajuato we continue with only one case, but we have a population that is low immunity and we could have a rebound in many diseases that were controlled,” said the state official.

About 114,000 children are born in Guanajuato a year, who have so far run out of triple viral and measles vaccine for 10 months.

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