Tourism Secretary Miguel Torruco Marqués turns his back on the tourism


Senator Mayuli Martínez Simón regretted that Tourism Secretary Miguel Torruco Marqués is turning his back on the tourism industry by allowing a 40 percent reduction in the budget for fiscal year 2020, which will have a negative impact on millions of families and thousands of companies that depend on this industry.

Mayuli Martínez Simón Torruco

“With concern I see great contradictions in the Federal Government, on the one hand the Secretary of Tourism Miguel Torruco Marqués maintains his disinterest in defending the tourism industry and on the other, the Secretary of the Treasury Arturo Herrera recognized that the country must have alternative sources of collection because relying on oil is not ideal, it seems that for both officials tourism is not relevant when it is the third most important economic activity in the country, ”said Senator Mayuli Martínez Simón, a member of the Tourism Commission in the Senate of the Republic.

The tourism industry in Mexico is the third activity that generates the highest income in the country, it is above oil production, currently, in the tourism industry, just over 10 million direct and indirect jobs are generated.

“It is unfortunate that from the Ministry of Tourism a budget reduction of 40 percent is allowed for the fiscal year 2020 when it is time to boost our strengths in the face of international economic uncertainty, tourism has shown in recent decades that it is a pillar of our economy even in times of crisis, that is why other countries are betting on the development of tourism products and Mexico is getting stuck. ”

For the legislator it is appropriate to consider tourism as a priority activity for the nation, this will allow to maintain the competitiveness of tourist destinations, generate more jobs and continue with an adequate policy for the distribution of wealth.

“I said it once and I repeat it, they are hitting the golden egg hen, today betting on tourism is a solid way to maintain the economic stability of the country and therefore the tranquility of millions of families.”

Finally, Senator Mayuli Martínez Simón trusted that federal legislator, who will discuss and approve the budget, thoroughly analyze the country’s tourism situation and allocate budget items to strengthen this industry.

“I trust those federal legislators will make the appropriate assessments and in a special way I call on legislators linked to some tourist area of ​​the country to reflect on the importance of betting on Mexico’s tourism development,” he concluded.

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