There were no free buses as promised in Mazatlan, passengers charged 15 pesos


Mazatlan, Sinaloa.- It was announced that urban transport was free for the night of Mexico Independence celebrations, but instead, they were charged fifteen pesos.

Complaints arrive at rasnoticias during the morning, indicates that the routes of Alianza de Camiones Urbanos y Suburbanos buses, as well as the la Águilas del pacífico, did not forgive a single peso to the users who started boarding them at midnight.

As proof a user posts a video in which it is clearly seen how passengers are charged, fifteen pesos, they say. You hear a passenger say “they said they were free”

From mid-afternoon on Sunday, the routes that would be covered by the two alliances were announced so that people could safely return to their home after the ceremony and shows for the celebration of Independence in the Republic square.

Source: rasnoticias

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