Sinaloa: They complained about the potholes so public works install 70-speed bumps on the Siqueros-Villa Unión road


Mazatlan, Sinaloa.- There is only one demand from the municipality of Villa Unión to Siqueros “Fuera Topes”. The inhabitants of the towns located next to the state highway do not know what to do so that the authorities pay attention to them.

There are many complaints that have reached this Rasnoticias about the obstacles they have to overcome when they travel through this road. Some are the huge potholes and the other the 70-speed bumps they have placed.

“Instead of repairing the potholes, they install speedbumps, which don’t let people circulate,” lament drivers and neighbors, some without a car, but who feel the problem when they go by bus.

What used to be a 20 minutes drive, now takes 45 min due to the obstacles that are on the asphalt road.

They assure that many of the speed bumps are not even in front of the accesses to the communities, but in the middle of the road and that makes it dangerous because they can be assaulted by having to forcefully slow down.

But the worst criticism they make is the lack of common sense. The problem was the craters size potholes on the road and instead of covering them, they put in speed bumps, material that could have been used to fill the potholes.
And if the first problem had them angry, the solution ended up worse and are pissed off against the person responsible, so they qualify as a bad decision.

Source: rasnoticias

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