Sinaloa and Durango join forces for tourism promotion


The secretary of Tourism of Durango, installed module of promotion and information of trips in a commercial plaza of Mazatlan

Mazatlan, Sinaloa.- Given the budget cut that Tourism will have for 2020, the Secretaries of Tourism of Sinaloa and Durango, make joint efforts with federal deputies to benefit the two states, said Eliazar Gamboa de la Parra.

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When inaugurating a module of promotion and information of trips in a commercial plaza of Mazatlan, the secretary of Tourism of Durango, admitted that they will have to look for other strategies, since the budgetary subject come very complicated for all the entities.

Eleazar Gamboa, Secretary of Tourism of Durango

He said that the Ministry of Economy will have a federal budget of 42% of 8 thousand 500 million pesos goes to five thousand and much of that goes to the Mayan Train, practically for the operation of the Ministry of Tourism would be less than 400 million pesos.

We have to look and that’s what we are doing, Oscar Pérez Barros and a server, joining as secretaries to have actions and commitments of the deputies to try to obtain a reallocation of resources

 Eliazar Gamboa

I point out that the Tourism Commission of the Congress of the Union has to make a strong call and has to help the states fight in the strategic projects budgets and one of them nationwide is the Bulwark.


For its part, the Undersecretary of Promotion, Elvira Silerio, said that this island of tourist information is the result of statistics and surveys applied in the neighboring state, where they reflect that the majority of visitors in Durango during the holiday seasons are from Sinaloa.

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He commented that this forces them to implement strategies to find the potential that is in Mazatlan and in the next few days another module will be placed in Culiacán, since the last quarter of the year, there are important events such as Revueltas Festival, of the Globe that will be the event largest in the north of the country and the December season.

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