Did you know that Mexican Pozole is good for your health?


According to the Mexican Institute of Social Security (IMSS), pozole, a traditional Mexican dish, is a meal that can be consumed without affecting our health, as long as it is not combined with other fried foods with a high caloric yield.

Pozole can be eaten as part of the meals of the day with the following recommended measures: 1.5 cups, with a handful of meat and vegetables to taste, such as lettuce and radish.

According to nutritionist Fernanda Alvarado, it is also a good idea to choose lean meat, such as chicken, and to add oregano because of its antioxidant properties.

Pozole is good for our health because it supplies foods from the three groups: vegetables, cereals, and proteins. It is a source of energy, fiber, and antioxidants that help prevent oxidative damage.

Source: El Universal