How you affect the waiters in Mexico when you don’t leave a tip


 In Mexico, the tip is not mandatory. The service charge included or the minimum consumption is not allowed by law in Mexico. According to Profeco, you can report if this happens.

But from there to … never tip?

There are some cases in which it is totally fine not to tip, such as those in which the staff is overtly rude and the food takes much longer than expected, among others. But the reality is that many waiters and employees of restaurants and shops related to customer service live on what you leave as gratification.

To prove it, we talked with an ex-hostess and an ex-waiter who mentioned to us the reasons why it is important that you leave a tip.

It made a difference.

Pamela was hostess for three months. He had finished high school and had left the first career he chose.

Although his time in the services sector was brief, three months, with the small job he had, he found that “he needed to study to have a better future.”

Pamela says he does not know the reasons why in the place where he worked, clients did not usually tip, because “it was a restaurant for people of good standard, economically speaking”; That is why “the waiters were very upset that they did not leave a tip because their profit was less.”

Why? Of course, the tip did make a difference. In her case, she earned the minimum wage and, she says, a week she could get at least 800 pesos more thanks to the tip.

Mario’s case was a little different.

He needed to pay different expenses at home and also those of his studies by not directly having the support of his parents.

Mario was a waiter for approximately two years and suffered various abuses to his labor rights “by not having a fixed schedule, not having benefits, facing abusive bosses and a work environment not pleasant,” he said in an interview with dinero en imagen

He believes that the tip should be earned. “It depends a lot on the attention itself, there are times when the service is not good and the interest in working must be demonstrated in the attention.” In spite of that, for Mario, the tip also made a difference, as did Pamela and many waiters and workers in the services sector, since he could add 800 pesos more per week.

Really a waiter manages to receive a real salary based on tips, the ordinary pay is always minimal, even of the real tips the bosses often abuse ”.

Maybe for many 800 pesos more a week or in three days they do not represent much to you but, if we consider a minimum wage of 102 pesos a day is standard, that extra tipmoney is worth much more than you think.

Source: dinero en imagen

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