No serious complaints against public transportation in Mazatlan this summer


The delegate of Roads and Transportation in Mazatlan said that they continue with the revision of urban public transport, to prevent users from being victims of abuses in the fare of the ticket

Mazatlan, Sinaloa.- Until this Monday, Vialidad y Transportes did not record any reports of abuse in the collection of the ticket, nor fines imposed for raising more people than required on a trip; However, any complaint that arrives will be addressed shortly, since the important thing is not to abuse the user who requires public transport, said José Vallejo Carrillo.

The delegate of Roads and Transportation in Mazatlan said that in the last 15 days there were no disagreements and irregularities, since the drivers worked according to the law, unlike the beginning of summer vacations, when some complaints arose. 

“We have not had more reports to date more than what we made known, complaints are always received in some way from users, because I do not charge the route, which is in speed access, using the phone, but that is reviewed and it is sanctioned, the complaint and the complaint are received and the sanction proceeds ”.  

Vallejo Carrillo added that despite the end of the holiday period, they continue with the review of transport so that the fare of the ticket is respected, so it works on the placement of stickers in all units both outside and inside so that the When entering the unit, people are aware of the cost of the ticket, and thus avoid further conflicts.      

Source: linea directa

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