In three months the Mazatlan Central Park will open its doors


The management of the Mazatlan Trust reveals that the construction of the last stages progresses smoothly and that the project has already been socialized with different sectors of the municipality

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By the end of November, Mazatlan could have a new tourist attraction, given the possible opening of Mazatlan Central Park. 

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This was announced by the Director of the Mazatlan Trust, Guillermo Zerecero Velo who revealed that currently, the work is progressing its construction without a problem, entering its penultimate stage this week. 

As entrepreneur driving the project, he said that the Central Park has already managed to be directly socialized with most sectors in the municipality, in addition to the information published on the progress on its website and through its social networks. 

Zerecero Velo stressed the importance of this tourist attraction and recreation center for Mazatlecos, which has motivated the synergy between state and municipal authorities, this being the first work by Public-Private Partnership to be established in Sinaloa. 

Source: tvpacifico

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