The angels who give lunches away in Ajijic Square


With the passage of time, the initiative became a commitment, so that every Wednesday Pedro and his mother distribute without fail 40 to 70 lunch, with their respective soda

From the youngest to the biggest and even to some mothers, the lunch is given away.

(Ajijic, Jalisco). – What started as visits to the town for coffee, became an initiative that supports up to 40 children in working conditions.

The Tapatíos, Pedro Salvador Preciado Negrete and his mother, Esperanza Negrete, have been giving away lunch, a soda, and 20 pesos in the square for four years for children who come from communities like Mezcala or San Pedro, in the municipality of Poncitlán, during Wednesday mornings.

Pedro who was once a teacher, says that he and his mother used to visit the delegation, to enjoy the place and have a coffee, when they realized that there were children who worked selling vegetables or asking for money to eat.

Without being affiliated with a civil or charitable association, Pedro’s mother – who is currently 90 years old – came up with the idea of ​​buying them lunch, a soda and giving them some pesos in case they didn’t have enough to return to their homes.

Mrs. Esperanza Negrete, her son Pedro Preciado and a beneficiary of the lunch and refreshments they give each Wednesday.

With the passage of time, the initiative became a commitment, so every Wednesday Pedro and his mother go without fail to give children and mothers 40 to 70 lunch, with their respective soda and 20 pesos.

“We are very motivated by these children and we want to do something for them. It is a little because they have many needs and we believe that with this little they are happy for a while, ”said Pedro who, without being rich, added that what they give is the result of the savings he and his mother collect.

Children who are dedicated to selling nopales and were in the place, ensure that they spend around 50 pesos a day on the ticket to be able to come to work and return to their homes, so that the support of the lunch, the soda and 20 pesos that They give them consider it an important help.

Pedro, 63, was a teacher and currently works in a company in Guadalajara, being close to retirement, while his mother was a fashion designer, painter, pianist, housewife and is currently retired.

Recently the city has asked them to ask the beneficiaries of the lunch and refreshment not to leave the garbage in the planters.

Are you a full or part-time expat in Ajijic? next time you see them in the square ask what you can do to help.

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