Canaco Los Mochis will list of businesses affected by rains


The Chamber of Commerce will also install a collection center to support contingent families. 

Los Mochis, Sinaloa .- The National Chamber of Commerce (Canaco), Los Mochis delegation, will raise a list of businesses that were affected in the municipality of Ahome with the rains caused by the Ivo storm.

“We are checking if any member had any damage as a result of the rains, and have documentary evidence, a photo or something that proves the affectation,” said Marco Vinicio Ibarra Ibarra. 

This, he said, in order to be prepared in case the state or federal authorities provide some kind of support for those affected. In addition to the municipality also have the data in this regard.

Ibarra Ibarra mentioned that at the moment there are more than 800 companies affiliated with Canaco Los Mochis, counting some businesses in El Carrizo, Higuera de Zaragoza and the port of Topolobampo.

Support for

It is worth mentioning that last year, with the rains of tropical depression 19-E in September, where many businesses were affected in the municipalities of Culiacán, Salvador Alvarado, Guasave and Ahome, the State Government, through the Ministry of Economy, supported with 10 thousand pesos in depth earned to more than 1,800 formally established companies. 

Collection center

To help the families that suffered damages with the rains that Ivo left in the municipality, Canaco Los Mochis will install a collection center in Guillermo Prieto and Cuauhtémoc on Monday, where citizens can support, above all, with canned food and water, as well as hygiene items, mainly. 

Source: el debate

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