The agreement to avoid tariffs on tomatoes gives peace of mind to Sinaloa


Governor  Quirino Ordaz Coppel said that the agreement reached to avoid the collection of tariffs for the importation of tomato into the United States, generates tranquility and confidence, but above all, deactivates the social cost that was seen to come from the application of said measure by part of the US authorities.

Interviewed in this regard, the state president said he was very happy with this agreement, which was the result of teamwork, between the Ministry of Economy, the Ministry of Agriculture, and of course, the various producer organizations.

“Telling them that this is great news for  Sinaloa,  we are very happy with the result we had today, after the agreement with the United States to remove, suspend tariffs because it really was teamwork, there was always a lot of communication with the producers. The Sinaloan producers were decisive in this negotiation and the support of the  Ministry of Economy and the  Ministry of Agriculture,  without a doubt for Sinaloa it gives great confidence, strength, tranquility and above all, we had very pending the issue of the social cost that was having “He added.

Questioned whether there is a risk that such tariffs will be reimbursed for imports of tomatoes into the United States, Ordaz Coppel dismissed such a measure, since there is the signing of a formal agreement.

“No, there is already a signature, an agreement, on the contrary, we have throughout this period to continue improving some negotiations such as the inspection of the trailers because that seems to me to be impossible, that it is very difficult to be attended by part of them because they do not have the capacity and also the impact it would have. I think it was great news for Sinaloa without a doubt, ”he reiterated.

Source: pmxportal

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