Motorcyclist impacts two retirees in Ajijic


One of those affected is in a delicate state, after being hit by a motorcycle

There were two elderly people who were injured after being hit by a motorcyclist – on the road in Ajijic, at the height of Obregón Street – on the night of Tuesday, August 21.

The incident was recorded minutes before nine o’clock at night, when an elderly couple got off a bus that was traveling in the direction of Jocotepec, but when crossing the road section – in front of “La casa del wafle” – they were hit by a motorcyclist.

The motorcyclist resulted in minor injuries, while the elderly woman was transferred in a regular state, although it is reported as stable; however, her husband has skull injuries, so he continues to receive medical attention.

The emergency services arrived at the place. It is known that the couple are neighbors of the area known as “The Six Corners”, in the municipality and were heading towards their home.

The area where people were overwhelmed is a crossroads that has a large pedestrian flow and exposes passers-by to an accident

Source: semanariolaguna

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