Escuinapa Sinaloa, 75% of sex workers are up to date on medical check-ups


Jesús Javier Palomares Barajas, head of the Municipal Medical Services, said that only the remaining 25 percent are not regularly checked, however, said it may be because they constantly change jobs

In Escuinapa, 75 percent of sex servers serve medical check-ups

Escuinapa, Sinaloa, 75% of the sex workers, bars, and canteens of the municipality of Escuinapa, are kept in constant medical check-ups for the control of their health, said Jesus Javier Palomares Barajas, head of the Municipal Medical Services.

Palomares Barajas commented that the operations are carried out randomly and surprisingly.

“We go with the people who are there, in coordination with Sanitary Jurisdiction, we arrive with them, they already know that they have to go to a review every week at the Health Center, they charge them 100 pesos there,” Palomares Barajas added.

He commented that the remaining 25 percent, approximately, do not go to regular medical check-ups because they are constantly changing their place of work, however, those who do not go to medical check-up may be entitled to various penalties.

“There are people who do attend regularly, and there are others who do not, people who come regularly because they have no problem, while people who do not attend, on the third call, become creditors with a fine or with a preventive jail,” he pointed.

Palomares Barajas emphasized that each of the sex servants is aware of their work and risks, as well as the importance of attending medical check-ups that are periodically required.

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