Coparmex businessmen converge in Mazatlan


“Building Mexico: The Contribution of Coparmex”, was the title of this panel where we talked about the social impact actions that this business organization has done

Mazatlan, Sinaloa.- The Employers’ Confederation of the Mexican Republic, Coparmex, is celebrating 90 years since its foundation, which is why it toured 12 cities of the Republic to share the results and the impact it has caused in the nation throughout these decades.

The meeting is entitled “Building Mexico: The Contribution of Coparmex”, and this Tuesday he arrived in Mazatlan, where he had the assistance of the general public, mostly members of the Private Initiative.

In this event, as a panel of dialogue, eight former presidents of this organization at the national level and their current leader, Gustavo De Hoyos Walther, shared experiences about the actions they have undertaken while they were in charge of this body.


The businessmen talked about various issues they had to face while they were business leaders. Among them they touched on some social, political and economic issues, such as the change of the regime from the PRI to the PAN, the devaluation of the currency, initiatives of law and reforms that have been raised by the Private Initiative.

“The purpose of the visit, of this tour, is a recount of what Coparmex’s contributions have been over 90 years and also to analyze with the businessmen present here what are the main challenges we have today in the country and what is the contribution that Coparmex has to make ”, commented Gustavo De Hoyos.

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