The exodus of tourists saturates Mazatlan highways and roads


During the course of the day, buses congestion the golden zone and the boardwalk to collect vacationers; After the departure of visitors, hotel owners begin to lower rates and assemble packages

Mazatlan, Sinaloa .- Summer is over for hundreds of vacationers who left the port to return home.

Since noon yesterday began the exodus of tourists. In private vehicles or buses, they headed towards the roads to return to different parts of the country.

Road chaos

Playa Gaviotas avenues, part of Camarón Sábalo and Del Mar, were saturated with mobile units that collected visitors. This generated road chaos between 11:00 and 13:00, which is when you have to leave the rooms in the hotels.

The roads in the golden zone are saturated

The reception area of ​​some lodging centers remained full since, at the same type that tourists left, others arrived. There are students who still have one more week of vacation.


The high summer season begins to descend. Students and teachers of medium and higher level are already integrated on Monday 19 to their work.

While the bulk of the basic-level student population, which includes preschool, primary and secondary, begin activities until Monday, August 26 throughout the Mexican territory.

For this reason, some families decide to take their vacations in the last days. This allows them to reduce costs in contracting services and the port is less saturated.

Miguel Omar Santiago and Lucila Moreno are from Zacatecas and came to Mazatlan to enjoy 5 days off. This family comes with two others and it is the third year that they decide to take their rest in the last days of the holidays.

Neighbors get ready to leave

Hotel prices fall by almost 50 percent and this allows them to stay five days instead of three. In addition, they enjoy the port more because there is less tourism.

On the Del Mar Avenue, there was also a bus of visitors who travel from the state of Mexico and every year they assemble packages that include lodging, food, and transportation, they are mostly retired people and they stay a week, they like to visit beaches, They go to Manzanillo, Vallarta and Mazatlan.

They explain that they repeated Mazatlan because they like the boardwalk. The beaches are quiet, the food is good and the prices are accessible. 


Convenience stores until the last minute remained full. Tourists buy provisions for the journey. Before leaving they buy water, juices, soft drinks and sweets.

Also, breadsticks and cold meats to prepare the slices, especially those that have several hours of walking.

Business owners say that sales during the summer increased by up to 60 percent. They expect this week to continue the activity in this sector

Source: el debate

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