Pesca Azteca, donates biobarriers to prevent maritime pollution in Mazatlan


· The initiative was carried out in conjunction with the Directorate of Municipal Ecology and Master Sofía Trejo

· The biobarriers were built with the nets and buoys that are used in the vessels of the fleet

· They will be placed in Marina El Cid where one of the most contaminated causes of Mazatlan is located

Mazatlan, Sinaloa, August 13, 2019. Pesca Azteca in its commitment to the environment and under its banner of “Blue Flag for a cleaner Mazatlan” donates 2 biobars 24 meters long that will serve to stop the trash that pollutes around of 17 colonies in the Estero de Los Jabalíes and which flows into the Marina. The initiative initiated by the teacher Sofía Trejo and the Directorate of Municipal Ecology was seconded by the company to achieve a greater impact on the community.

In Pesca Azteca, they operate with the commitment to care for and protect the environment as an integral part of the development and sustainability of the business, fostering a culture of awareness in their stakeholders, through compliance with applicable environmental legislation and seeking continuous improvement. through its Safety, Health and Environmental Protection Administration System (SSPA).

In July, the company obtained the Environmental Quality Certificate for the third time, demonstrating that it complies with legal requirements in environmental matters.

The biobarriers were created by the collaborators of Pesca Azteca in an artisanal way, with net and material that is normally used for fishing work on boats. Both will be under the protection of the Cid where they will clean, maintain and quantify plastic waste to ensure its sustainability. The above, in supervision of the teacher Sofía Trejo and the Directorate of Municipal Ecology.

The installation was carried out with the support of volunteers, all of the students from different universities. In adolescents it is recommended that environmental education focuses on knowledge of nature with experiential experiences, thus awakening the desire to preserve it.

We must raise awareness about the importance of avoiding pollution of the seas and thus also present a cleaner Mazatlan.

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