Villa de Ahome Sinaloa celebrate 414 years since its founding


Los Mochis, Sinaloa .- With a cultural meeting called Jinanqui, the celebrations of the 414th anniversary of the founding of the Villa de Ahome began, in the same place where the first church and first ceremonial center was erected by order of Jesuit Father Andrés Pérez de Ribas

Procession.  Yoris and Yoremes celebrate the meeting of two cultures with which the festivities begin (Javier Padilla / EL DEBATE)

The procession was led by partiers Yoremes and the patron saints Jesus Nazareno, of the ceremonial center La Florida, and the Holy Assumption, patron of the church of San Antonio de Padua, which was celebrated from the old church of the eighteenth century to the Blue House , where pascola and deer dances were offered, to continue with the conference “Los ahomes, a walk through history”, by the teacher Moisés Rosalío Valdez López.

Conference.  Maestro Moisés Rosalío Valdez offers A walk through the history of the ahomes (Javier Padilla / EL DEBATE)
Dancers  Groups of Matachines from La Florida and El Colorado joined the celebrations with their dances (Javier Padilla / EL DEBATE)

The speaker gave a historical reference of the arrival of Jesuit Father Andrés Pérez de Ribas, on August 15, 1605.

Craft Expo  The group of craftsmen of the Villa de Ahome show their products in the square. (Javier Padilla / EL DEBATE)
Inaugural act.  Municipal authorities inaugurate the celebrations of the 414th anniversary of the Villa de Ahome. (Javier Padilla / EL DEBATE)
Concert.  Inapo, of traditional and popular music, starts the party with the Siquisirrí, from the leeward Veracruz. (Javier Padilla / EL DEBATE)

Source: el debate

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