Mazatlan will remove cobblestone in zebra crossings


* They will be replaced by hydraulic cement

* This material should not have been placed

After the rain will lift the cobblestone in the zebra crossings in the hotel zone, they will be replaced by hydraulic cement.

The rain recorded early Tuesday caused the rise of cobblestones in the “new” pedestrian crossings of the hotel zone.

Juan de Dios Garay Velázquez, director of Municipal Public Works, reported that they should not have made this cobblestone design because they have been placed for more than two occasions and continue to detach so they are going to remove them and place cement.

“The cobblestones were removed and we are going to replace them with hydraulic cement, but it is not going to be done at the moment because of the rains and heavy traffic,” he said.

The municipal official warned that the zebra crossing design is going to be lost because it is not right, so it should not have been done.

The poor quality of work where cobblestone was placed in the zebra steps was done in the zebra steps

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The Mazatlan Post