Women are invited to the Rural Women’s Empowerment Forum in Mazatlan


MAZATLÁN.- The task to defend the rights of women, especially those who live in rural or indigenous communities, is not easy, therefore, the Mexican Association of Juzgadoras AC launched the call for Sinaloenses women and all the social levels go to the Forum called Worsening of Rural Women.

María del Mar Salafranca Pérez, magistrate of the Agrarian Court, informed that this forum will be held on Friday 30 and Saturday 31 August at the Angela Peralta Theater, and that they will have as special guest the first day Rigoberta Menchú Tum, Guatemalan indigenous leader and Nobel Peace Prize, for being a tireless fighter for the rights of indigenous women.

María del Mar Salafranca Pérez

“The objective of this forum is to be able to link society, raise awareness about the need for voices that are heard, that rural women are not invisible, and that we all have to contribute together to manage to close that gap and find a parity and better empowerment and listen to the voice of these women, ”explained the magistrate.

He said that it is a platform for the development and improvement of public policies, to achieve the eradication of gender stereotypes and find solutions to social, labor and family inequality, as well as to eliminate the barriers that prevent women from making use of their rights, and achieve an inclusive dialogue between men and women.

“Rural women are one of the most vulnerable sectors, I have dedicated myself to agricultural law for 23 years, and I consider, and I have lived closely their needs, and I think it is a voice that deserves to be heard, that no longer wants to shut up, but she needs everyone to empower her so that she can occupy a primordial place where she belongs, ”said Salafranca Pérez.

He informed that all women are invited to this forum, which will be inaugurated on the 30th and later on the 31st there will be work tables with different specialists at the Convention Center.

For more information, you can visit the Fanpage Forum of Empowerment of Rural Women.

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