Mazatlan Capta attends 100 incidents in just a week


The director of the Tourist Assistance and Protection Center, Astrid Macías Fragoso, said that every case is attended to as soon as possible, since the most important thing is visitor safety and stability

Mazatlan, Sininaloa .- From August 5 to 12, the Tourist Assistance and Protection Center in Mazatlan has a total of 100 incidents presented in the tourist strip, which have been treated as soon as possible and as soon as possible. It is the security and stability of the tourist, said Astrid Macías Fragoso, director of Capta Mazatlan.

Among the most important items that have been presented are 18 detainees for infusing public order, others detained for taking drugs on public roads, as well as missing children, including national tourists, 9 transits, 14 bailouts of national tourists in the area Beach, as well as 20 documents lost, 345 minutes were drawn up with 371 concepts regarding traffic infraction, and a hotel complaint for abusing the visitor regarding the fare.     

“They add a total of 100 incidents in the tourist strip, this week from August 5 to 12. We are still waiting for the next three weeks, we remain on guard for any incident that may occur. ”

According to the fact that the expectations of this summer vacation period are exceeded at the destination, Macías Fregoso shared the strategy of the governor of the State Quirino Ordaz Copel, since he sees clearly the need to build new all-inclusive developments, so he considered it important that tourists arriving at the port can enjoy not only the sun and beach destination, but also magical towns.   

“But I also consider it important that visitors who decide to come to Mazatlan can also enjoy other tourist offers, know everything we offer, in terms of tourist attractions, restaurants, mass villages.”

The director of Capta in Mazatlan added that according to the information provided by the secretary of Tourism in Sinaloa, from 2014 to 2018, 68 percent of tourists who arrive in the state stay in Mazatlan, a figure that is higher in terms of night visitors . Taking into account that the gross domestic tourism product has grown more than the rest of the economy, which exceeds expectations at the national level.

In this way, she pointed out that it is important to have a greater offer, not only an all-inclusive one, it requires greater attractiveness that can contribute to the Mazatlan economy but especially to the Sinaloa.

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