” Viva Nicolas Maduro, Viva Chávez, Viva Mexico, ” shouts Mexican deputy in Sao Paulo Forum


The deputy of the CDMX Congress, Circe Camacho spoke in favor of “sustaining the Bolivarian Revolution” in Latin America

“Long live Chavez, long live Maduro, long live Venezuela, long live the Bolivarian Revolution, long live Mexico,” said deputy Circe Camacho last weekend, during her participation in the  Sao Paulo Forum.

The legislator at the Mexico City Congress attended the 25th edition of the Sao Paulo Forum in CaracasVenezuela, which is a forum for Latin American leftist parties and groups, from center-leftists to leftist political collectives, founded by the Workers’ Party of Brazil in São Paulo in 1990.

“We are in the XXV edition of the Sao Paulo Forum, always betting on the defense of the causes of the people of the Patria Grande,” saidthe deputy published on her social networks.

During this edition of the Forum there were debates about the progress of neoliberalism and imperialism in the world and in the region, with its consequences such as increasing poverty, threats to democracy and peace, attempts at economic, political interference, social and even military in the region of Latin America and the Caribbean; also, the Sao Paulo Forum ruled in favor of Nicolás Maduro.

The participation of the deputy Circe Camacho generated opinions found in social networks, where comments from users predominated which demarcated from the opinions of the legislator.


In the same Forum, Gerardo Fernández Noroña mentioned that although Mexico is “on our honeymoon”, it will soon be over.

“We will require your solidarity, trust us, be supportive and then ask us what happened. Do not wait to investigate why the media campaign”

Source: grupo reforma. la silla rota