Mazatlan will have a monument to José Alfredo Jiménez


* Will be placed on the Paseo del Centenario 
* Call to donate keys; they occupy 200 kilos

In Mazatlan, the singer-songwriter José Alfredo Jiménez is finally doing justice after the placement of a monument on the Centennial Walk will be announced. 

This morning at the conference members of the collective “A monument to José Alfredo Jiménez on the Paseo del Centenario”, announced the campaign to collect keys to form the statue. 

Alfredo Reynaga Chicuate, representative of the collective announced that the goal is to gather 200 kilos of metal to create the statue that will have an average equal to that of the singer of the Mazatlan corrido. 

“For decades, José Alfredo Jiménez has not been done justice for that contribution he made to the Mazatlan people such as the Mazatlan corrido,” he said.
Since 2010, he said, he has tried to pay tribute to the different municipal administrations of which there was no effect within them. 

“With the support of the authorities and the exhortation that was made to the State Congress to start this product of the monument of José Alfredo Jiménez on the Paseo del Centenario”. 

For the collection of keys it was announced that 10 urns will be placed at different points, so far they have 1,300 keys. 

The event was attended by Pavel Alejandro García, representative of the House Museum of the singer, Marco Antonio Obeso Gordoa, union leader of musicians, Apolinar García, Local Deputy and Alejandro García Ramírez.

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