Mazatlan registers over 400 road paving request


Tonatiuh Guerra Martínez said that the methodology to execute a work of this type requires following certain guidelines and generating a high social impact

Mazatlan, Sinaloa. Currently, the Directorate of Welfare and Social Development has a total of 400 applications for paving in different colonies and rural areas of the port of Mazatlan , which before being approved or selected need to pass a series of studies, which follows a methodology that seeks to generate real benefits to a greater number of inhabitants, Tonatiuh Guerra Martínez reported.

The head of the agency said that the sections that are chosen need to be connected to a previously intervened road, have the services of drinking water, drainage, and electricity.

Streets that are missing paving in Mazatlan and nearby.

In addition, other requirements are that the work must be close to hospitals or educational institutions, be highly traveled or be a truck route and generate a high impact.

To pave a street we have to follow the guidelines established by the law, we pave from concrete to concrete; where there are schools, hospitals; there are routes; Be traveled. We do not make streets according to the interests of a person […] It is not about paving for paving, there are colonies that have greater urgency of paving, you have to assess where we have the greatest social impact, where we benefit more people

Tonatiuh Guerra Martínez

On the case of the Valles del Ejido neighborhood, they explained that after an evaluation and a series of exams and social studies, it was determined that the first two sections that go from Ejido Las Pilas street to Circulo de La Presa, were selected by proximity to the “Simón Jiménez Cárdenas” Elementary School, as well as having the pass of some truck routes nearby.

On the other hand, soon the management will undertake a project that will seek to connect the drainage and drinking water service to many communities that still lack it, which will overcome the paving requests, as this is much more needed and meets basic human needs.

There are several requirements that a street must have in order to be paved.

Source: el sol de mazatlan

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