Escuinapa is interested in the Floating Water Park


* It would be a good attraction for Teacapán 

After the controversy that has been experienced in relation to the cancellation of the Wibit Floating Water Park in Mazatlan, the mayor of Escuinapa Emmett Soto Grave is willing to take the attraction to his municipality in case Mazatlán does not reach an agreement between entrepreneurs and municipalities.

The First Edil Escuinapense commented that the Floating Park would be a great attraction for the municipality. 
“In Escuinapa we received it with open arms, we have beach areas that I am sure that the escuinapenses would be delighted with that park, I would like it to be in Teacapán,” he added.

He also commented that the Park would be a success for the municipality, which would benefit tourism, since new things would be offered.

“I am sure it will be a success for Escuinapa, I thought the water park was very nice, if you want to go to Escuinapa we will gladly receive you there,” he said.

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The Mazatlan Post