Google Pixel 3a: The Ultimate Travel Phone


A travel expert and collaborator for went on a trip to Mexico, in order to test the Google Pixel 3a smartphone, these are his conclusions:

A few weeks ago, I went to Oaxaca, Mexico, for three days with nothing but my Google Pixel 3a (okay, also a suitcase full of far too many clothes) — and discovered that, in addition to its ability to trick me into thinking that I’m a good photographer (I’m not)…

Google Pixel 3a is the ultimate travel phone.

In addition to its camera, it has a great translator integration and AR map function, it’s super lightweight, and comes with a really cheap phone plan.

I’ve reviewed the phone before, but this trip really put its breakout features to the test.And as far as pricing for the phone itself, the Pixel 3a (5.6″) starts at $399, and its larger counterpart, the Pixel 3a XL (6″), starts at $479 — basically half the price of an iPhone, except you don’t even have to give up any quality smartphone features (except those blue iMessage bubbles).

Google Pixel 3a

Ahead, the breakdown of how I used the Pixel to optimize my selfie game, take actually delicious-looking food pics for the ‘gram, and translate restaurant menus in Mexico.


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