Concordia Sinaloa enjoys the Tourist-Gastronomic Expo


The japeada was the event with more participation, the party atmosphere prevailed along the way

Concordia .- With the motto “Concordia lives; Concordia inspires ”, the First Tourist-Gastronomic Tianguis was celebrated yesterday.

The event was held in the vicinity of a restaurant in the municipal seat.

There was varied local cuisine, mainly from traditional dishes of the municipality. 

Taste and artisan mastery.

In the place, you could enjoy the famous banana pie of Copala and the traditional birria of El Jaibo, the artisan bread of Don José, the machaca of the region and a variety of local pastries.

The event was complemented by a very representative craft exhibition of the municipality. 

There were miniature furniture and clay objects made by local artisans.

In the place it was possible to appreciate the assistance of tourists from both the southern Sinaloa and the neighboring states of Durango and Nayarit who took the opportunity to know and enjoy this rich variety of products that the municipality offers.

In the words of José Antonio Díaz Ulloa, one of the organizers of the event, it was a good start to activities.

We expect a good response from people. More and more visitors are arriving and have that concern to eat a delicious banana pie, which is one of the most sought after desserts, (as well as) the famous El Jaibo birria and don José’s bread, he said when the event was just beginning .

Later, expectations were met. The event was attended by a large number of families who spoke around the show, while enjoying the most varied traditional flavors that have given Concordia fame as no more than the entity’s gastronomic destinations.

Source: el debate

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