Continued decrease in homicides and car thefts in Sinaloa


CULIACÁN.- Sinaloa continues with a downward trend in crime incidence, after 7 months of 2019, compared to the same period of 2018, said Renato Ocampo Alcantar, executive secretary of the State System of Public Security.

The foregoing, he said, is thanks to the coordination of the three Government orders and the interest of Governor Quirino Ordaz Coppel to reinforce prevention and operational strategies, works that were recognized by the federal administration.

Ocampo Alcántar commented that it is true that during the month that has just ended (July) the crimes of homicide and femicide show a slight increase, which forces to redouble the efforts of all the institutions of the State Security System, the Executive Secretariat of the System State Public Security, the Ministry of Public Security and the State Attorney General’s Office, maintaining coordination, always seeking citizen participation, so that the statistics on crimes go down.

“In the count of public security works to the month of July in the first 7 months of the year Sinaloa continues with a downward trend in the case of malicious homicides, although we had a slight increase in the month of July, we have and continue having a downward trend with a cumulative 23.9 percent decrease in the issue of malicious homicides compared to 2018; in the issue of femicides there is also a decrease with a downward trend of 13.3 percent, as well as in theft of vehicles that bring a decrease of 20 percent, ”he said.

According to official data, the crime of vehicle theft has decreased by a percentage of 20 percent, in these 7 months compared to last year.

In that sense, he stressed that in the case of malicious homicide it shows a 23.9 percent decrease in the January-July 2019 period against the same period of 2018; while femicide has also gone down in this year 2019 from 13.3 percent against 2018.

“This speaks again, of the coordination work that has been taking place in all the members of the Public Security System, the Ministry of Public Security, the State Prosecutor’s Office, the Secretariat, as well as the results that the construction tables of peace both state and regional where the work of the Federal Government, the State Government, and municipal governments are coordinated, ”he argued.

On the instructions of Governor Quirino Ordaz Coppel, the public security bodies in coordination with the National Guard, the Federal Government and the municipal police will continue to strengthen the strategies for Sinaloa to maintain the downward trend, which remains more than a year ago. year, added Ocampo Alcantar.

(With information from SESESP).

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