This years Canicula has not been as intense in Mazatlan


Mazatlan, Sinaloa.- In relation to the last two years where 84 and 58 millimeters of water were presented in July compared to the latter that closed with 99 millimeters in Mazatlan, it can be presumed that there was more rain this year, thanks to a cyclone that formed to the southwest of Baja California, displaying rains towards Mazatlan.

This was reported by Hugo Nordhal Valdez, head of the Meteorological Commission of the National Water Commission in the southern area of ​​Sinaloa, this situation was presented because the heat of this 2019 has been moderate, so it is expected that the months of August and September also rain, as long as another cyclonic phenomenon occurs in the Pacific Ocean.

“Until now, it has not been an intense hot dog, so when the hot dog is intense there is less rain compared to other years than here we did not have a low-pressure channel, we have a probability of 20 percent [of rains], in fact, there will be a possibility of fall 0.1 millimeters between today and tomorrow ”.

According to Nordhal Valdez, it is likely that more rain will fall in the month of August, due to a cyclonic formation that can advance to the north that is currently on the coast of Oaxaca.

He added that temperatures for this month are forecast between 35 and 40 degrees in Sinaloa, which can generate the presence of rainfall in the state.

He commented that this weekend, a maximum of 25 millimeters of rain was forecast in the central, northern and southern rural areas of the state.

Source: linea directa

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