Sinaloa northern rural area is the most that benefited with the rains for ranchers


Livestock sector looks forward to the unlocking of the Picachos irrigation district to increase pasture production

Mazatlan, Sinaloa .- Despite the torrential rains that have hit Mazatlan, the rural area is still affected by the hot weather, particularly the livestock sector, said the president of the Local Livestock Union, Felipe Velarde Sandoval.

“Right now we were suffering a lot with the water in most of the Syndicates, but right now El Habal, El Quelite, La Noria already rained as well, they started to grab water and that problem has been minimized by the rains; the part that we need rain more is El Recodo, part of the Presidio River, and to the north it is normal, “he said.

Velarde Sandoval said that construction work on wells continues despite the scarcity of the hydraulic resource, however, supports are still reeling for the livestock sector in Sinaloa.

“Right now what is being supported is that the window for the concurrence program has just been closed, which is the support for 50 percent of the implements, also the support for the construction of wells on board, we have just built several and also the artisans, and what has not only been for pasture, “he said.

He added that the sector expects the distribution of water through the irrigation district of the Picachos dam, since the pasture, the food for the cattle is what has been more expensive for the southern zone, because of 5 thousand pesos that are paid for pasture in the center of the state, with the irrigation district the southern zone would generate its own production at low cost and in less delivery time.

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