New “Chancla Law” in Sinaloa divides opinions of its citizens


* Some are in favor and others against 
* “I was beaten as a little girl”

Yesterday, the Chancla Law was passed, which prohibits corporal punishment of minors in Sinaloa.

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This news has caused controversy among Mazatlan citizens. Sinaloa en Linea went to the streets of the City Center to ask for the opinion of the people.

The answers were divided, while some are in favor of the passage of the law, since they consider that if there is education there is no need to hit the children, while others affirm that from time to time it is good to give them a “spanking” to Let them take the right path.


“I do not agree with that law, I was beaten as a little girl and I am a productive woman,” said a worker

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“If there is education there is no need to hit children,” said one employee

Su mamá le metió un 'chancletazo' de 50 metros
nailed child 50 meters away

“I agree that they punish parents who mistreat their children,” said housewife.

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