Mexican Constitution must be as important as mathematics


“Culichis” as citizens from Culiacan are known as, believe that knowledge of the Mexican Constitution should be mandatory in schools.

Culiacán, Sin. – After the local deputies of Sinaloa approved a dictum ruling that promotes the study of the Mexican Constitution in the basic levels of education, citizenship was questioned about their opinion about it.

Culichis citizens believe that the general knowledge of the rights and obligations established in the Mexican Constitution should be a basic and compulsory subject in schools, as this will create ethical and responsible citizens. “I believe that a didactic method for children can easily be implemented. where they can explain, as far as possible, the Mexican Constitution.

That is to say, in the United States they do it, they caricature the characters of historical relevance to teach the children about history, the same thing could work if it is implemented in an optimized way, “commented Felipe Pérez, a communication student.

On the other hand, some citizens were a bit skeptical about teaching this subject at primary education levels, because if they do not disagree, they think that at an early age it can be complicated to have meaningful learning, being such complex issues “should consider giving it a little more priority to the aspect of the laws in Mexico but I think that for an infant is boring and difficult to digest, I think rather that the issue of teaching about the Mexican Constitution should be in an academic degree where the student already has a more accurate notion of the importance of the laws “said Francisco García.

In this sense, several respondents agreed that before implementing the teaching of the Mexican Constitution as a basic subject, mechanisms should be developed for easy learning, because they do not believe that the mere fact of memorizing serves much “for me it was tedious, I thought: This so that it will serve me? They never let me know so I could serve this or understand the importance “argued, Alma Lopez, Culichi citizen.

This issue seems to be of great interest to the public, as all respondents agreed that civic education is very important from an early age, of course, with appropriate treatment and specific mechanisms for each educational level.

Source: el sol de mazatlan

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