Mexico high price of diesel detain 95% of small and medium fishermen


This generates unemployment not only for fishermen but also for companies that depend on their work in the second place

Mazatlan, Sinaloa.- Shipowners of the Pacific coast, continue with uncertainty to work in the next fishing season due to the high costs of diesel, since currently not even the alternative fishing to capture products that are not closed, make travel , lamented Jesús Omar Lizárraga.

The president of the Union of Shipowners of the Pacific Coast said that of the thousands of boats that should leave, 95 percent is detained, because, in addition to the high cost of gasoline, low production prices make it inconvenient to set sail.

“Until now, there is no resolution on the part of the government, there is no resolution, there is no progress, only information that is in see what happens, and right now we have time on top.”

The shipowner said that the fact that fishermen are suffering from unemployment, generates that companies that also depend on the work of this sector are in danger for losing their jobs, example of this are the hardware companies.

In addition, before the complaints of some fishermen where they say that the support that is implementing the state government is left the shipowners, Jesus Omar Lizárraga denied this information.

“In the case of the offshore fishing sector, I can tell you that the support goes directly to the fisherman, it has always been this way, from the federal and state supports, it is always direct, there is nothing that remains or a fishing institution. Altamar or any other company. “

Finally, he commented that this Union of fishermen has also received multiple complaints of poaching, so call the corresponding authorities to address this fact.

Source: linea directa

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