Sinaloa adventure tourism grows in San Ignacio; arriving in razors after crossing the Sierra Madre Occidental


By Janeth Bañuelos

San Ignacio, Sinaloa.- Something is going well in San Ignacio. More and more tourists come to live the adventure and adrenaline with extreme sports accompanied by the vast nature and beautiful landscapes of the western Sierra Madre that links the states of Durango and Sinaloa.

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The tranquility and security is perceived in the environment and therefore more and more families travel from different towns in Sinaloa to reach the stately town of San Ignacio and live the adventure in drives razors, to cross lakes, iros, mountains and trails and feel adventure tourism. There is also talk of observing the endemic birds of the place.

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This weekend, approximately 150 Razors and ATVs departed from Estación Coyotes, Durango, making their way from Tayoltita, heading for the Piaxtla River, where they could enjoy the beautiful landscapes offered by the rainy season, passing through the communities of San Antonio. Vado Hondo, San Juan, and Los Humayes, arrived last Sunday night at our municipal headquarters, where they were received warmly by the staff of the City Council and local residents.

The municipal president Iván Ernesto Baez Martínez expressed his pleasure for the massive visit to our Pueblo Señorial, which was reflected in a total hotel occupation and the generation of a large economic income for merchants of the municipality, estimated at more than $ 200,000 pesos.

In addition, San Ignacio received the visit of a group of people from the City of Culiacan by the company ANDAR TOURS, which toured communities such as Cabazán, San Javier and San Ignacio in the “Route of the Missions“, knowing places of interest of each locality, where they could appreciate the elaboration of crafts made with mud, delight with band music and know old religious centers, besides enjoying the wonderful landscapes that this route offers, complementing with the visit to the beautiful Beach of Barras de Piaxtla. 

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This is how gradually, the tourist influx to our municipality grows more and more and this translates into a benefit for the Sanignac families, a priority of the Municipal Government headed by the lawyer Iván Báez Martínez.


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