Mazatlan water shortage persists in the northern part of the city


With only the promise of solving the shortage of water, which chronologically occurs each year in the upper areas of the municipality, but has been exacerbated by the real estate growth of the city, the businessman Guillermo Romero Rodríguez, who is board member of the Board Municipal Drinking Water and Sewerage of Mazatlan declared that some businessmen and inhabitants of subdivisions have to buy water tanks of the vital liquid, and that a solution to the problem is still visualized in the short term.

He stressed that in the northern zone, what is the part of Cerritos, that is to say of the Navy towards Cerritos is where there have been major problems due to the lack of water and this has caused that in this high season of vacations, just when Mazatlán has a total crowded in the hotels, on all the weekends, because they run out of water and have to buy water tanks.

“The water tanks are between 800 or thousand pesos and this will generate a heavy cost, because sometimes you have to buy up to 10 to 20 pipes, this depends on the size of the resort and the number of rooms they have, but there are hoteliers who I have been told that they buy 8 to 10 pipes a day. I think that in the last seven or eight years this serious problem has not been had and it is an issue that we are seeing with the management of the Jumapam, “he explained.

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He assured that on the part of the manager of the paramunicipal Ismael Tiznado there is a commitment to resolve this situation.

“There are some adjustments in the municipal drinking water board and hopefully this will be solved very quickly so that we have the service as we always had,” he added.

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