Will Sinaloa be the next state to ban plastic?


It seeks to make changes in the Waste Law so that, instead of charging a tax for the issuance of plastic for a single use, it is permanently prohibited

Mazatlan, Sinaloa.- In the republic there are 11 states that already have, by law, prohibited the establishments from offering plastic bags to their consumers, and Sinaloa is shaping up to be the next one.

According to the head of the Secretariat of Sustainable Development, Carlos Gandarilla García, Sinaloa has a Waste Law that defines the objectives to reduce plastic for single use, but there is no talk of prohibiting companies from issuing it and that is where will seek to make the reforms.

“In the law it talks about a payment of a tax on the part of the commerce, we are analyzing the possibility that it is more clear in the law as an alternative, as a prohibition, as it already happens in 10 states of the country; then, there is already a regulation, we have to make a campaign, “he said.

He added that this campaign will be carried out jointly by the Ministry of the Economy of the State and with the business chambers, in order to inform about the actions that are going to be taken in the future and, with this, to avoid sanctions, since they do not want to see it as a means of collection but rather as a measure to reduce the pollution generated by this material.


Therefore, Gandarilla García insisted that the prohibition of these bags should be analyzed.

“It is likely that we are working on the idea of ​​proposing modifications to the same law to go a simpler and more practical way, which may be the prohibition itself,” he said.

“But while that comes to that analysis, you have to make an adjustment to a reform to the income law that is not yet. It is a more complex process, but in the end what we want to do is first socialize, that from a certain date and can make some applications of the law, “he argued.

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