In Mazatlan, users can request the medical control card sex from workers


In Mazatlan, there is a registry of about 200 people who commercialize with sexual activity and have a medical control, but it is expected that there are 200 others who are not under review for operating in hiding

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Mazatlan, Sinaloa.- People who use “Sexoservidores” sex workers can and are authorized to request the health book of the person with whom they will meet, to check their health status, if they have any illness and if they are under a check and constant check, this was announced by the director of the Department of Municipal Medical Services, Alfonso Sandoval Sánchez.

“The population can go without problems, can go safely, quiet that all the people who are working there (in supported centers) has its card where it says that she is healthy and goes to your review here to the municipal health department. Even if there is any doubt, he (user) is entitled to demand that they show him the card where he says that the sex server is healthy. “

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“The user can go and request it: ‘lend me your card that you’re healthy’, and she shows the card where the HIV tests come from, VDRL and its periodic review,” he said.

However, he stressed that there are centers that are regulated by the municipality and these are those that are required to have their workers under this control, so he did not rule out that there are other centers – and personnel – that operate in hiding and do not count with this regulation.

In this regard, he noted that there are currently between 190 and 200 people registered by the municipal hospital, which are dedicated to providing these services, although he said there could be another 200 more without being observed, because when we meet at a destination that is provided for sex tourism, there are seasons where these servers tend to migrate between different cities.

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The director of the “Hospitalito”, explained to Informative Reaction, what this control of the booklet consists of and specified that medical tests are performed every 3 months and constant reviews.

“They come to weekly reviews and there they are signed the booklet so that they, at any given moment, if a client asks them to, can show that they are coming to control; they are tested for VDRL and HIV to make a timely detection. “

“If someone comes out positive we detect it, we invite it to withdraw from sexual activity for payment and to lead a normal life,” the municipal official added.

He also said that in case a sexeservidor refuses to prevent these measures, and / or has been detected sick and still exercise the activity, he can be punished and sent to reconsider the danger to which he is exposing himself.

The doctor pointed out that the pathologies that warrant this suspension of their work, are the most dangerous such as HIV and Hepatitis; He said there are others that, if stopped in time, can be less aggressive and merit a suspension of only a week or more, according to the signs and / or symptoms: these sexually transmitted diseases can range from chancre, syphilis, gonorrhea, chlamydia, among others.

“When they go to an establishment registered by us, rest assured, the population in general, that we are working 100 percent in the establishments, that we are checking each of the children who work there and when someone tests positive for certain diseases serious infections is removed, therefore should not be working, “said Sandoval Sánchez.

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