Puerto Vallarta confirms 100 cases of Dengue in the early months of the season


112 cases of confirmed dengue have been recorded in the regional health sector, of which 90 percent, around 100 cases, were reported in Puerto Vallarta, according to the director of the Health Jurisdiction VIII, Jaime Álvarez Zayas.

Álvarez Zayas said that the Aedes aegypti mosquito, which is the transmitter of this disease, like other animals has a cyclic reproduction so that every three or four years there is a rebound and Puerto Vallarta represents the ideal climate for the reproduction of this mosquito.

This year there is an expected rebound, and although it can not be controlled since it is something biological, the official reiterated that what can be done is to intensify the actions and mainly to make people aware so that they eliminate the breeding places at their homes, since that not only helps the health authorities, but also the population itself.

To date, there are no red centers or outbreaks of dengue, although he confirmed cases have been presented more frequently in the delegation of El Pitillal, reason why which actions are intensified in that area.

He acknowledged that the Ixtapa delegation is an area where more attention should be paid, as well as Las Juntas and upper Pitillal, in addition to Mojoneras, places where there is a high population density.

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Source: Vallarta Daily

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