Mazatlan firefighters in mourning


The personnel of Volunteer Firefighters Mazatlan is in mourning, one of the most important rescuers who they have had in their institution, died

Mazatlan, Sinaloa .- Volunteers Volunteers Mazatlan is in mourning, because one of the most important rescuers who have had in his institution, died in the afternoon after seeing served over 15 years in the said group of rescuers.

Félix Rivera Morelos is the name of the 250 firefighters, whom the department’s elements remember as a wise man of great values. The funeral home little by little began to fill with people who full of sadness and pain came to say last words to the deceased.

Also, flowers of all colors and sizes adorned the place where finally Rivera Morelos was resting.

Inmortaliza Bomberos Mazatlán a Félix Rivera, un traga humo eterno

 His story

It was in the year of 1968 when Felix Rivera joined the ranks of Volunteer Firefighters Mazatlan, he had already long been a firefighter and worked at the International Airport of Mazatlan. The people who in life managed to meet him and work with him told that he was a kind man, with much knowledge and willingness to help.

A year of which they do not remember the date they said there was a fire, where a fireman was electrocuted inside a house that was in flames the fact happened near the domicile of the deceased and it was Felix Rivera that by his knowledge and preventive measures could put save the fireman and save his life.


He noticed that the smoke inhalers of the city lacked much to learn and so he entered the fire department and created the academy for the training of new rescuers.

Felix’s knowledge was that through his work he was sent to constant courses in the United States and there as he was learning, filling himself with information and training the new aspirants.

It was his passion and humanity and the acceptance of all the people that took him to the appointment of the institution obtaining the maximum degree to which a firefighter can aspire the one of Captain 250 and that same thing took him to become commander of Volunteer Firefighters Mazatlan.

After giving everything for the department, he retired due to health problems and because he wanted to be with his family.

 The ceremony

On January 13 of this year, a living tribute was paid to him in the installations of the fire station located in Insurgentes Avenue of the Olympic colony, where the maximum gratification was that a fire-fighting machine would be named after him.

The words that the excomandante firemen released were “with this I feel more than satisfied now if I can die in peace”.

As it is the custom of all the rescuers, it was at 1:30 pm that Felix’s body left the funeral home and was taken aboard the fire truck that bears his name, giving a commemorative parade and sounding the sirens.

At 2:00 p.m. the coffin arrived at the fire station in which they paid tribute to him and gave the last roll call that in a single shout was heard “present” and at 3:00 p.m. he was transferred to the San Rafael church located in Colonia Jesús García, where he was a resident, to officiate the mass of the present body.

At 4:00 p.m., the sirens sounded again, the body was put back on a machine and they were transferred to the cemetery where they would be buried and their families and friends could go to visit.

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