Total chaos from street vendors in Mazatlan; businesses demand regulation


Municipal authorities have given carte blanche to these street vendors in different areas of the city

Mazatlán.Sin.- The current municipal administration has given carte blanche to the street vendors in Mazatlan and in the coming day’s new posts could arise, warned the vice president of Tourism of the local Chamber of Commerce, Oscar Tirado Bernal.

He commented that concerns the total lack of control that exists in the informal trade of different turns in areas such as the center, the Juarez neighborhood, Malecón intersections and different areas of the city, because in the medium term there will be very strong effects for formal businesses.

He said that the Oficialía Mayor has been very tepid to attack this problem, which means that there is no instruction from the mayor Luis Guillermo Benítez to act against these new positions that are emerging.

While many seek ways to bring money to their families, there are conditions that must be respected as the regulations, but in this government there is carte blanche to street vendors; they can say that they have not given a single permit, but there is a trick that the rulers use: the ‘tolerated’, those who give them a chance to work, make an arrangement with inspectors Oscar Tirado Bernal .

Tirado Bernal made an energetic call for the authorities to realize what is happening in the streets that have been invaded by posts and for the mayor to make adjustments because there are many words and very few actions.

Every time we see more vendors, those that have been growing them, now they are not only carts but tables and chairs, tables where they sold a product are now complete businesses, mainly in the markets Oscar Tirado Bernal

He considered that the proliferation of semi-fixed positions represents unfair competition for restaurants and businesses since they do not pay taxes, employees, rent, social security and have no supervision from anyone.

He warned that with the start of the summer holiday period more mobile and semi-fixed stalls of tacos, hot dogs and hamburgers could emerge, especially in vacant lots in the tourist area.

We do not know if the City Council allows this as a political measure to keep a certain part of the people happy, because then they turn into votes, as many governors see it and do not want to order them because they feel they could be affected in the upcoming elections Oscar Tirado Bernal .

The streets of the center of the city have been invaded by semi-fixed stalls selling food and all kinds of items.


The semi-fixed positions are considered as unfair competition by restaurateurs and formal traders because they do not pay taxes, employees, income, social security and operate without supervision.

Source: el sol de mazatlan

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