March 21, possible date for AMLO mandate revocation consultation


In case it is not approved that the consultation to revoke the mandate coincides with the federal elections of 2021, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador proposed that it be held on Sunday, March 21.

Asked by a reporter at his morning press conference, López Obrador considered that it would be a fortune if said consultation coincided with the anniversary of the birth of Benito Juárez.

“Fortune, said Machiavelli, politics is virtue and fortune, virtue and luck – I am proposing March 21, 21 of 21, March 21 of 21. And what do you think? It’s Sunday, it’s Sunday. That would be a good day and we even advanced the times.

However, he indicated the idea is that this date change does not imply an additional expense for the electoral processes, reason why it is sought that this consultation coincides with the elections of the first Sunday of June 2021.

“I am making the proposal that it be the same day not to spend, so that one more ballot is handed out and one asks: ‘Do you want the president to continue or resign?’

At the same time they are going to elect federal deputies, governors to not do a double expense, “said the head of the Executive.

However, he acknowledged that this constitutional reform is rejected by the opposition for what they consider would be an intervention by the Executive in the elections.

“They argue that this has a political-electoral purpose and that it will mean adding sympathies and that it will favor a party, the party to which I belong … then, that’s why they do not accept the reform. Two-thirds are needed, it is not a simple majority to be able to reform the Constitution and this matter is being debated in this extraordinary period. “

Source: notimex

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