Commission dictates a proposal of equal marriage; this Tuesday, Sinaloa deputies vote


With eight votes in favor and 7 against is approved the opinion that will be uploaded to the plenary next Tuesday to give first reading

Culiacán, Sinaloa.- With 8 votes in favor and 7 against, the united commissions of Constitutional Points and Governance, Equity, Gender and Family and Human Rights approved that the corresponding opinion be issued in a positive sense on the issue of equal marriage.

The above means that this Tuesday will be uploaded to the plenary session for reading and discussion, as reported by Deputy Horacio Lora Oliva, president of the Constitutional Points Commission, who stressed that this document has all the legal support and that it respects the rights.

“I would like to have that ability to predict, the truth is that the full or the 40 deputies that make up the 63rd term will decide (this Tuesday). The opinion is prepared that has just been issued, all care and has all the legal support, “he said.

This opinion states that articles 40 and 165 of the Family Code of the State of Sinaloa must be amended to read as follows:

Unique article: Marriage is an institution through which the voluntary and legal union of two people is established, with equal rights, duties and obligations in which both seek respect and mutual assistance.

The votes in the commissions were as follows:

“Deputy President is informed that with a majority of the Constitutional Points Commission, with three votes in favor; two votes in favor in the Commission of Human rights and three votes in favor in the Commission of Equity, Gender and Family “.

The deputies who voted against:

  • Angelica Diaz
  • Mónica López
  • Mariana Rojo
  • Elvia Margarita Inzunza
  • Gloria Himelda Felix
  • Flora Isela Miranda Leal

The deputies who voted in favor:

  • Francisco Avelló Jordá
  • Pedro Villegas Lobo
  • Flower Emilia Guerra Mena
  • José Antonio Crespo
  • Geraldín Bonilla Valverde
  • Horacio Lora Oliva
  • Edgar González Zataráin
  • Victoria Sánches Peña

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