Mazatlan Pulmonia driver arrested for violent robberies of women and convenience stores


MAZATLÁN.- In support of two women from the city of Guadalajara, Jalisco, agents of the Public Security Secretariat of Mazatlan detained a man accused of being responsible for violent robberies of women and convenience stores in different parts of the city.

Police managed to recover money in cash product of the commission of a probable crime.

The detainee is Cristhian Mauricio “N”. His arrest was in Paseo Olas Altas, when a couple of young Jalisco women said they had been victims of a violent robbery by a man who was driving a Pulmonia.

The municipal police searched the suspect, located him and detained him.

When he underwent a review, the preventive agents found him with various items, cash and some portions of the drug.

The man was recognized by the women who pointed him out as the alleged perpetrator of the violent robbery.

The pulmonia driver was transferred to the Municipal Public Security Secretariat, for charges by state authorities.

Source: pmxportal

The Mazatlan Post