For a healthy life and a better environment, Mazatlan promotes Plogging


MAZATLAN. – The professor of Physical Education, Raúl Sánchez Enciso, coordinator of this activity, led the press conference where this project was presented, which will bring together several schools in the primary sector.

  • One of the objectives is to work together with children from a very early age to the problems that exist in the environment.
  • This movement was born in Sweden with the fact of creating a culture in Mazatlan, with the intention of collaborating with this port, in addition to attacking overweight, obesity and preventing possible diabetes in the future.
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  • In other countries this activity is being developed as in India, Hungary, France, Costa Rica, the United States and Sweden

The appointment will be on Thursday at the beach located in the monument to sea lions, involving about 400 children from various schools.

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At the end a modeling contest will be held in which the students will make sculptures of 13 endangered species.

With this activity, the World Environment Day is celebrated, for which reason they will celebrate each year this type of activities that is based on walking, running and collecting garbage. 

School participants

Benito Juárez 
Ignacio López Rayón 
Felipe Ángeles 
Ignacio Manuel Altamirano 
Francisco Villa 
Ana Isabel Unger 
April 30 
Miguel Hidalgo and Emiliano Zapata de Concordia

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