Mexican Federal Forces ‘Close’ the Border to Migrants


The Central Americans who try to reach the US agree that the roadblocks in Mexico hardened.

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The federal forces’ checkpoints have already taken effect. More than 50 families who were returned in recent days wait in the Plaza de Tecún Umán, Guatemala, another opportunity to enter Mexico.

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All of them were detained at the checkpoints installed by federal forces to contain the migratory flow from Central America to the north. The less fortunate were stopped in combis and taxis just arriving in Tapachula, Chiapas, were two days and returned to Guatemala.

Others managed to penetrate almost to the limits with Oaxaca, but when trying to take a truck to Tijuana they were surprised at another review point. It is harder for them to cross through Mexico every day.

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“We were taken down in Madre Vieja, by Mapastepec, there were soldiers, migration, federal, as we did not carry documents, they took us down. We went to luck, my brother, my two cousins ​​and my sister and her daughter to see if we passed. We spent 9 thousand 300 pesos on the bus and we only managed to advance like 15 minutes, now it is serious, we can not do it anymore, “explained the Guatemalan Eder Josué.

Eder is waiting in the main square of Tecún Umán, Guatemala, for his brother, who has not yet been repatriated.

In turn, her cousin, Damaris Ayala, who travels with her 7-year-old daughter, noticed the difference of crossing Mexico this week compared to five years ago when it was the first time she went to the United States.

” It is very controlled, there is a lot of migration. I had already passed three checkpoints, we went to the room when they ran into me and they broke my credential, “he lamented.

As we move through the center of Tecún Umán, the presence of migrants is more noticeable. They do not hide or appear to be from the place. On the contrary, they are proud to want to look for a better future for their family

How Samuel Chávez, aged 43, travels with his pregnant wife and two children. They have already been repatriated this week and remain in Tecún Umán waiting for a new opportunity.

“It is quite difficult, they put more migration and the situation in Guatemala is hard. We wanted to pass because here it is not possible anymore. The only hope is that they support us to work even in Mexico because I need to move my family forward. ”

The Álvarez Cueva are on a bench under the shade. The father, Gabriel, with his wife and son, already tried to pass and they did not succeed.

” We will try to process a permit, we hope to see Monday if we can. At the entrance to Tapachula, they returned us and then again to try to give the family a better status “.

There are 53 thousand 544 detainees: INM

In the first four months of the year, the National Migration Institute arrested 53,454 foreigners who were irregular; the largest number was retained in Chiapas. A report of the INM, in that entity, were arrested 26 thousand 894 migrants.

In the municipality of Tapachula, where the Siglo XXI Migration Station is located, the highest number of arrests occurred, with 26 thousand 825. From January to April, Veracruz occupied the second place in arrests of migrants, with 6 thousand 721. Oaxaca, Tabasco, and Tamaulipas occupied the following places, with 3 thousand 459, 3 thousand 169 and 3 thousand 107 arrested in the migratory stations, respectively.

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