Sinaloa-Durango border joint project proposed with viewpoints, hotels, restaurants, cable cars on the Baluarte bridge


Eleazar Gamboa de la Parra explained that an investment of 400 million pesos is required for various amenities on the border with Sinaloa; estimate participation of both governments

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Durango, Sinaloa.- The creation of the Economic Development Council of Durango (Codedur) will serve to promote various infrastructure projects for the benefit of the entity since they converge four important areas such as public works, tourism, livestock, and economic development, said Eleazar Gamboa de la Parra.

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The Secretary of Tourism of Durango said that within the newly formed body is estimated the boost to an ecotourism project in the Baluarte Bridge, hand in hand with the Sinaloan government, for which they have already invested between 3 and 4 million pesos for the executive project and required a total investment of approximately 400 million pesos.

“Development is in the early stages design and budget still needs to be determined, which we are practically talking about next year because this year there is no money budgeted for the project.”

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He explained that at the time the project will be discussed with Governor Quirino Ordaz, as well as an interesting project that includes viewpoints, hotels, restaurants, cable cars and activities such as rappelling; In addition, it would be in stages, since it requires a lot of resources to be branded in the medium or long term.

Gamboa de la Parra revealed that they estimate that for the next fiscal year enough resources will be labeled to implement this idea at least in a first stage, as well as to specify some of the 20 projects that it has on the Codedur table.

“As such, the council has to have about 20 projects, on the tourism issue we are talking about this part and another part that is the Camino Real: Tierra Dentro, which is also a very interesting cultural project”.

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Durango is considered one of the states with the most historical points of reference, which is why its participation in the Camino Real project, Tierra Dentro, is considered a historic route that begins in the United States, commented Eleazar Gamboa.

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