Hong Kong interested in Tijuana for the quality of its workforce


The director of the Commercial Council of said Asian region also highlighted the geographical position of the city

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The geographical position of Tijuana and its acknowledged quality in labor aroused the interest of Hong Kong, as explained by Johnny Wan, director of the Commercial Council of that Asian region.

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He stressed that it seeks to promote Tijuana in Asia, that Mexican exporters can benefit from the Hong Kong platform to reach that area of ​​the world and be allies to attract investment from Hong Kong to Mexico.

For Hong Kong it is very important to be present in this region, he said, because it allows Hong Kong companies to have access to more competitive costs.

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One of the most important industries in Tijuana is electronics, he mentioned, a peculiarity that coincides with Hong Kong, since around 60% of exports from that area are of the same category.

Creating congregation bridges for the electronics industry between Hong Kong and Tijuana is attractive and beneficial, he said.

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Another point that he highlighted is the aerospace industry in Tijuana, although Hong Kong does not specialize in this, it can serve as a link for Mexican and Asian companies.

On the current situation that exists between the United States and Mexico with the threat of Donald Trump to impose tariffs on all exports if migration is not controlled, said not to be harmful.

“Despite the threat of tariffs, the Mexican market is still attractive due to the proximity, it is still a very viable option,” he said.

He added that it is important the participation of the federal and local government to promote the strengths at the industrial level that Tijuana has.

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