Health officials find the cause of food poisoning of 34 people in Sinaloa


On May 19, people of all ages entered the IMSS with discomforts. All consumed head meat bought in a Villa Union butcher shop

Mazatlan Sinaloa. – The poisoning of 34 people from Villa Union and El Rosario was caused by the salmonella bacteria that was found in precooked meat, which was contaminated by carelessness and poor hygiene practices. 

The coordinator of the State Commission for the Prevention against Sanitary Risks of Sinaloa (Coepriss), Miguel Ángel García Gómez, explained that after verification at the butcher shop, samples were taken of the product indicated as responsible for the poisoning and left him a counter sample.

These, he said, were sent to analyze the public state laboratories, the analyzes were made and the presence of salmonella was found and the presence of clenbuterol was ruled out.


On Sunday, May 19 at noon, people of all ages entered the hospital of the Mexican Institute of Social Security in Villa Union, presenting vomiting, diarrhea and stomach pain, and even some with tachycardia.

All consumed head meat that they bought in a butcher’s shop in the municipal market.

After this outbreak of intoxicated, the Coepriss proceeded to close the business and samples were taken. In this review it was found that the business did not carry out fumigations with the companies authorized by Coepriss.

They also detected harmful fauna, lack of hygiene and incorrect product handling practices, the official explained.

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