Changes are expected from cloudy to sunny in Sinaloa


Manuel de Jesús Ortiz Acosta, chief of agrometeorology at Caades, said changes are expected from sunny to cloudy in Sinaloa

Sinoaloa .- According to the weather forecast, days are expected with changes in temperatures, as well as cloudy and strong sun during the day in the state.

The head of the Caades Agrometeorological Service, Manuel de Jesús Ortiz Acosta, commented that, unlike in previous years, there is still no record of hurricanes or tropical depressions in the Pacific Ocean.

For today a half-cloudy day is forecast in most of the entity, but with no chance of rain.

It will feel cool during the early morning, with minimum temperatures sheltered from 15 degrees Celsius in the mountains, up to 22 degrees on the coast of the south

Source: el debate

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