Private charters and students keep Mazatlan tourism industry busy


The beaches are maintained with a good influx of bathers, despite the risk of jellyfish

Mazatlan, Sinaloa. – Charter tourism maintains the tourist activity of Mazatlan and the influx of bathers in the main beaches of the city. Dozens of buses arrived at the city over the weekend, and with them hundreds of tourists who enjoyed a weekend at the port. 

In spite of the cloudy days, the beaches were full. Tourism operators reported that most of the visitors are groups of families that rent buses to visit several destinations in the country and arrive in Mazatlan to stay one or two days.

However, this results in an economic spill that is distributed in restaurants and crafts, mainly. To this add the groups of students who already started celebrating the end of school with travel to Mazatlan. 

It is the prelude to the summer season, which reports a rebound in hotel occupancy, said some of the tourist servers interviewed. The band music paid by some groups of young people and families kept the party atmosphere on the beaches.

There, the lifeguards made recommendations for the presence of jellyfish. The expectations for Mazatlan in the summer holiday season are very good. It is expected an increase of 10 percent of tourist influx with respect to last year when the arrival of 686 thousand tourists was reported. That would mean a surplus of almost 70 thousand tourists, with respect to the record of 2018.

The growth of the port goes hand in hand with the state: in 2018, Sinaloa increased by 30 percent with respect to 2017 and Mazatlan by 32 percent, according to the estimates of the State Secretariat of Tourism. Sinaloa has also received more cruise ships in this first semester, 85 thousand more than in the same period last year. 

Source: el debate

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